Treasure the Jewels in Our Lives

Assalamualaikum ladies,

Lately, as we are approaching Ramadhan, I’ve been thinking and reflecting on the things that have passed and how I would like to lead the remainder of my life.

Relationships. Yes, I thought hard and I’ve come to a realization that I would like to maintain good relationships with the people I love, for the remainder of my life; my relationship with Allah SWT, my Deen, my families and friends.


I lost my grandfather when I was 10 years old.
I was young and somehow had no recollection of how I sailed through the grief. But I hold dearly the little memories I had of him hugging me when I had high fever, his mole that would move every time he smiled, his habits, his hobbies and his regalness.

Just two years ago when the Covid-19 was still fresh, I lost my beloved mother in law. It happened too fast and I remembered trying so hard to grasp and come to terms with her demise; which I am still trying.

If I were to write all of the “if I could”, it will be boundless.
I miss her jokes, her recipes, her loving messages and I truly miss her voice messages.

With the loss of my two jewels, it has been crystal clear that I would not want to go through another loss feeling I should have done so much more.

This year, I aspire to achieve ihsan. Sincerity towards my worship to Allah SWT, gratitude towards my parents and families.

I wish to create more memories with my loved ones.
I wish to record more videos of my children and my husband.
I wish to call my parents more and be patient towards their grunts and complaints, make them happier and show them tender loving care.
I wish to spend more time with my sister.

And above all, I wish and hope to repair my relationship with Allah SWT hoping that He will repair everything else for me.

For indeed the only permanent relationship we have is with the Almighty.

Thank you Allah SWT for blessing me with all the priceless jewels in my life.

I pray that Allah SWT will grant me the ease and guide me to achieving Ihsan towards my families & friends. Ameen

For we do not change from sickness to health, nor from misguidance to guidance, nor from disbelief to faith, nor from weakness to strength, nor from fragility to firmness, except with Allah’s power and might.
Allah SWT is Al’ Ala and free from any deficiencies.
It was narrated that Abu Dharr said:

"The Messenger of Allah (saw) said to me: "Shall I not tell you of a treasure which is one of the treasures of Paradise?' I said: 'Yes, O Messenger of Allah.'

He said: 'La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah
(There is no power and no strength except with Allah)
[Sunan Ibn Majah]

Let us cherish our families, the jewels in our lives.
Let us hold the treasures of Paradise dearly in our lives.

With love, Diyana Halik