7 Day Lush (snood) Chiffon Set

7 Day Lush (snood) Chiffon Set

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Curate your own 7 Day Lush Chiffon box set! Enjoy the best possible value when you purchase these items as a set which includes 7 pieces for each day of the week. Please send us an email or DM us our Instagram account @diyanahalikcom if you wish to choose your own colours. 

Perfect as a gift, or keep them all to yourself :)

Lush Chiffon pieces in this box can consist of these colours:
*please choose 7 pieces
*subject to availability

- Apricot
- Baby Pink
- Berry Rose *SOLD OUT
- Brown Toffee *SOLD OUT
- Dusty Blue *SOLD OUT
- Indigo *SOLD OUT
- Khaki
- Lavender
- Lilac *SOLD OUT
- Lilac Grey *SOLD OUT
- Military Green
- Mint Green
- Peach Dust
- Pearl Pink *SOLD OUT
- Raisin Purple
- Russet Red *SOLD OUT
- Salmon Pink
- Tangerine

Material: Premium Chiffon
Size: Available in two sizes; standard size & maxi lush chiffon size