Assalamualaikum ladies.
As usual, while we make our hijabs very personal to me, this time, we made clothing that is equally as that.

Juggling so many things at once - I am a mother of 3, I am my parents' daughter, I am a wife and my husband's manager, I am an entrepreneur, I am sister, goshhh sometimes I wonder how I am still able to keep it all together.

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah SWT.

BUT. Yes, there is a big but.
Sometimes, I prefer to take a day off to just REST & RELAX.
That's the ultimate truth. So.... it got me wondering.
What could I do, to make my day-to-day a little easier?

A few magic moments later ✨✨✨
Say hello to our Rest & Relax series, the Serene Set!
This set has it all. Ironless top & pants with attached chiffon shawl.
Spend no time looking for which hijab to match your outfit, we've done it all for you! 


Plus point: Adds harmony & peace in your family.
Why, you might ask? Because they're no longer waiting for you to get ready. You're the first one waiting in the car! 

We all deserve some R&R ladies!

With love, Diyana Halik

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